2023-03-03 Life Wide Learning ‘Interviewing tourists in Hong Kong’

日期: 08/03/2023

Friday afternoon Life Wide Learning ‘Interviewing tourists in Hong Kong’ is held on 3rd March 2023.


In order to provide students with meaningful contexts where  students can learn and use English for purposeful communication. All the students had an opportunity to take turns to be tourists and  interviewers in the activity. Many teachers acted as tourists. All students participated actively today. Also, students brought their own costumes. Learning English is enjoyable! ‘Where do you come from?’, ‘How many days will you stay in Hong Kong?’, ‘Where do you still plan on going in Hong Kong? ‘, ‘What do you still want to do in Hong Kong?’, ‘What do you think of Hong Kong?’ We learnt English through role-play activity. Learning no longer takes place in classrooms. Besides, using iPad to conduct interviews is very convenient. We had so much fun!

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